Go Ahead Get Personal

Personalize your wake to fit your style or ability. From massive hard pushing, clean faced surf wakes to a smooth low slalom wake, Varatti offers the most advanced wake control system on the market!  

Whether you want to surf, board or ski, the wake control presets immediately allow you to accommodate every rider in the boat.

When it comes to fine tuning your ride, Varatti makes it easy for you to create your own custom profile. So go ahead, we understand it’s a personal thing!

Passengers watch a surfer behind the innovative Varatti hull design.

Wake and Speed Control System Features

  • Select wakeboard, surf, ski or barefoot and choose from 19 presets.
  • From your steering wheel or touch screen you can trim the boat, change surf left or right without having to change ballast and control the speed within 1/10th mph increments.
  • Fully control the length and height of the surf wake.
  • When in a wake profile on the dash, Auto-Trim™ automatically adjusts the trim tabs on the boat when a rider is taking off to give you the fastest hole shot.
  • With the press of a button you can add or subtract bow and stern ballast weight in 100 pound increments to create the perfect wake.
  • Control the speed or surf left/right from the optional rider remote.


13 US
40 gal
151 liters
22.5 feet
7 meters
2,400 lbs.
1,089 kg.
8.5 feet
2.5 meters
43+ mph
70+ kph
4,870 lbs.
2,209 kg.
30 inches
76 centimeters

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