Mercruiser Power

Powered by an icon in the marine industry – Mercury Marine

Whether you pick the 320 or 370 HP EFI MerCruiser, you’ll have plenty of torque at the precise speed needed.

The 6200 and 6200HO tow sport inboard engines are designed expressly for the demands of tow sport athletes, reaching peak torque at surf and board speeds.  They have abundant power to pop skiers out of the water while delivering outstanding fuel efficiency to keep gas dock visits at a minimum.

MerCruisers are smooth and quiet! Their optimized engine mounts isolate undesirable vibration and reduce resonant noise throughout the boat. The exhaust catalyst system and multiple 02 sensors contribute to lower emissions and a cleaner ride. Mercury has a 5 year warranty and a North American global dealer network of over 5,000 service centers.  This means service is always nearby if you should need it. No restrictions on power and no restrictions on service, we didn’t settle so you shouldn’t either.

Only Mercury combines a torque-centric, fuel-conscious engine with “easy-up & go” towing.


13 US
40 gal
151 liters
22.5 feet
7 meters
2,400 lbs.
1,089 kg.
8.5 feet
2.5 meters
43+ mph
70+ kph
4,870 lbs.
2,209 kg.
30 inches
76 centimeters

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