Joystick Steering - It just doesn't get any easier

No experience, no worries! Varatti is the first to offer a fully integrated joy stick piloting system on a surf/wakeboard/ski boat!

Joy Stick Control takes the stress out of parking in crowded, tight areas. A novice can immediately learn to maneuver their boat more precisely than an experienced driver without a joy stick.

This unique user friendly system uses one joystick lever to control the engine’s forward and reverse movement and is combined with a stern and bow thruster to move the boat sideways. It can even spin a 360 on its own axis. And if your rider is down, it’s easy to return. Simply rotate the knob to spin a tight 180. This way you won’t cross your own wake or create another wake for the rider. It enhances the whole boating experience for those on the boat as well as others on the water or shoreline.

For unloading,/retrieving, docking and water sports, using Varatti’s Joystick Control will instantly become a way of life.


13 US
40 gal
151 liters
22.5 feet
7 meters
2,400 lbs.
1,089 kg.
8.5 feet
2.5 meters
43+ mph
70+ kph
4,870 lbs.
2,209 kg.
30 inches
76 centimeters

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