Finishing and Value-Added Capabilities

Robotic assembly line in the finishing division.FINISHING AND VALUE-ADDED CAPABILITIES

OEMs looking for additional value added services will be able to utilize our robotic, massive 5-axis CNC, precise 4-axis CNC and automated fabriaction equipment to cut, rout, drill, and debur your parts accurately and quickly.  OEM’s can also have your parts ridgidized and completed; customer ready with your graphics and additional components in your packaging, even shipped to your end customer if that’s what FLOE’s OEM partners require.

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CNC Machining finishing services.

FLOE Thermoforming’s broad CNC machining capabilities allow FLOE to exceed the many unique 3D part, pattern and mold creation requirements that an OEM might have. These in-house CNC capabilities provide quick in-house prototyping as well as finished mold and part capabilities.

Existing systems include:

TITAN XS40 5 Axis CNC Gantry Mill
420” x 144” x 72”, HSD HS652 head with 10kw electrospindle, 8 position tool changer

Haas VF-4 Axis Vertical Machining Center
50″ x 20″ x 25″, 40 taper, 30 hp (22.4 kW) vector drive, 8100 rpm, inline direct-drive, 20-station carousel tool changer, 1000 ipm (25.4 m/min) rapids.

Robotic assembly line in the finishing division.

FLOE Thermoforming’s sophisticated robotic capabilities allow FLOE to provide streamlined material handling, post-forming finishing and value added assembly processes that are highly sought after by our OEM partners. FLOEs multiple robotic systems provide excellent cost performance and consistent quality solutions allowing FLOE Thermoforming to satisfy the precise manufacturing requirements of our OEMs.

Existing robotics systems include:

FANUC R-2000iB intelligent robots with network collaboration for applications with integrated versatile process solutions such as trimming, material handling and assembly.

Fixturing work on a CargoMax trailer bed.

FLOE’s vacuum forming team can provide all “design to built” capabilities for cooling, trimming, finishing and assembly fixturing required for an OEM’s project. Extensive materials experience allows the FLOE team to engineer and build everything needed in-house. Similar to our vertical manufacturing strategy, the FLOE team expects to meet all of your finished parts specifications by utilizing our in-house expertise in providing completed fixturing that ensures when your parts are delivered they meet all of your requirements and expectations.

Sprayer applying chemical during finishing.

FLOE’s vacuum forming team leverages our boat building (and other products) technology when rigidizing and stiffening vacuum formed parts. We know that with larger parts, more engineering and additional post-forming rigidizing and stiffening likely needs to be addressed. Since FLOE builds some of the largest vacuum formed parts in the world, we focus on ensuring the parts we produce are properly rigidized and stiffened using multiple technologies designed for every specific parts needs. We will work with our OEMs to determine and provide the best technology, material and process to meet their specifications and accomplish their goals for that part.

Robotic arms assembling components.

FLOE’s vacuum forming team also leverages our extensive operations staff, lean manufacturing practices and cross-functional product divisions to provide all levels of assembly. Assembly options include: from simple trimming to completed products packaged and drop shipped to an OEMs customer with OEMs packaging, documentation and other non-FLOE manufactured components. FLOE’s vacuum forming team also utilizes FLOE’s manufacturing expertise to build non-vacuum formed components for an OEM’s finished product assembly. Our OEMs have utilized our expertise in aluminum technology to have us build the needed aluminum components for final productization; as well as utilize FLOE’s external partners in other technologies such as blow-molding or roto-molding in providing the completed product. With FLOE’s extensive manufacturing capabilities and expansive manufacturing facility, we can offer almost any assembly service to our OEM partners.

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