From small to extremely large parts, we have the capability to meet your forming, value add and high volume needs

Thermoforming machinery.


• Our machines can form from small to extremely large heavy gauge parts up to 23’L X 9’W.

• FLOE’s strong commitment to a lean, efficient process maximizes customer value.

• Quality parts and on-time delivery is our commitment to our OEM partners.


FLOE can produce in-house prototype tools on one of our advanced milling centers and we have several production tool partners that work with us. This allows our customers to quickly move from prototypes to production parts in a short period of time.

Finishing capabilities with robots.FINISHING & VALUE ADDED CAPABILITIES

OEMs looking for additional value added services will be able to utilize our robotic, massive 5-axis CNC, precise 4-axis CNC and automated fabrication equipment to cut, rout, drill, and debur your parts accurately and quickly. OEM’s can also have your parts ridgidized and completed; customer ready with your graphics and additional components in your packaging, even shipped to your end customer if that’s what FLOE’s OEM partners require.

Engineer at a computer working.DESIGN & ENGINEERING

Our state of the art CAD systems along with our experienced engineering team can help you realize your vision and get it right the first time.

Thermoforming machinery.
Posted by Fl0e@dmin2017 | 12/28/15| Thermoforming
FLOE Introduces new Thermoforming Division

MCGREGOR, MINN. (Dec. 28, 3 p.m. ET) — A large-machine thermoforming operation is due to start operating in February. Floe International Inc. is building a 41,600-square-foot facility in McGregor that will house what consultants said is the largest rotary thermoformer in the world, a behemoth with a 10-foot-by-25-foot forming area that has been sitting idle...

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