Republished from www.lakenewsonline – posted Aug 3, 2017 @ 8:04 PM – By CODY MROCZKA

Half-yacht, half-cruiser and all-entertainment, the Floe Craft Afina 3950 is unlike any vessel currently found on the Lake of the Ozarks, but not for long.

Sales representatives from Floe Craft traveled from Minnesota to the Lake this week to hand-pick local dealers who might be interested in selling the 39-and-a-half-foot vessel that includes a bathroom and shower, hideaway suite and two 8.2 big block Mercury engines.

What makes this vessel unique is the hybrid design that incorporates features from yachts, pontoons and cruiser-style boats and the high-tech features that make boating easier and more enjoyable for both captain and passengers. It is currently available in Florida, Texas and Canada and retails at approximately a half-million dollars.

Instead of using isinglass as a canvas to protect from the elements, the Afina has a retractable sunroof and dual automotive electric-powered windows that can open and close in less than a minute. One of the most impressive features is a joystick controller than can be used to move the boat sideways or rotate on its axis in tight situations instead of using the steering wheel and throttle. The vessel is also equipped with state-of-the-art marine navigation technology.

“The unique thing is this boat was designed to have no canvas. We’ve got 30,000 miles of testing time and have had 25 people on board at 45 miles per hour. It’s a 50-plus miles per hour boat on any day and very fuel-efficient with eight hours of running time,” Floe Craft National Sales Manager Brian Ploeger said.

The center of the vessel contains couches for seating, a captain seat, and the bow of the boat resembles pontoon-style seating while the back of the vessel can be opened to bring wheelchairs aboard. There are 13 speakers connected to three subwoofers and three amplifiers, two high-definition televisions and full heating and air-conditioning. Rated as a yacht, the vessel does not have an occupancy limit.

“It’s a hybrid design; it doesn’t really fit any category. People have never seen anything like it,” Ploeger said. “We consider Lake of the Ozarks to be one of the five best, if not the best, recreational lakes in the United States. We consider this to be a jewel of an opportunity.”

With a cabin that is temperature controlled, the cruiser is designed to be a day boat, but offers sleeping for up to four people and can be used in practically any environment, Ploeger said, noting that they’ve been out in northern Minnesota in the dead of winter inside the 75-degree cabin.

“We’re seeing very specific dealers. We’re hand-picking our dealers throughout the U.S. to plant our seeds. If you look around at a lot of the restaurants here it seems like everyone is trying to outdo each other. It’s that concept of something they haven’t seen before,” said Danny Briscoe, also of Floe Craft. “If you can extend your season by two months, front and back, that’s a pretty big attraction.”