The Floe Craft Afina could be your cabin!

The Floe Craft Afina could be your cabin!


For years, Cabin Living has featured Floe docks, boat lifts and trailers. But now, something new is coming: a boat named the Floe Craft. Of course, most cabiners
cannot imagine this 39.5-foot craft docked at their cabins. But, if you’re a real water lover, the Floe Craft could be your cabin. This craft includes a galley, a ton of seating and a state room with a standup shower and porcelain toilet.

The Floe Craft is a convertible boat so you’re not at the mercy of the weather – you can enjoy open-air boating when the weather’s nice, or close up the 11-
foot retractable roof and 12-foot power side windows when foul weather threatens. And there’s heat and A/C, as well.

Reprinted from Cabin Living – August 2016

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