What size plywood & rivets are needed to re-deck a ramp and trailer?

FLOE uses # 12 TPI 1 3/4” Sq Drive screws to secure the 5/8” treated plywood.  There are 49 screws on a 10’ trailer.  Instructions for re-decking a trailer are listed on FLOE’s website under manuals/instructions.  There are 5 – AS616SF 3/16 x 1” rivets on the back channel.

Can more ramp loops be added to a trailer?

Additional ramp loops can be added to a trailer by a certified aluminum welder.

How can I find the value of my trailer if I want to sell it?

Value will vary depending on the age and shape of the trailer.  Check with Craig’s List and other shopping venues to see what they are selling for in your area.

What is the strength of the ramp?

The ramp is designed to handle most snowmobiles and small ATVs.  2016 model ramps have been reinforced and will handle larger ATVs and snowmobiles.

What should I do if I get ice in my Versa Track?

Use a screwdriver or other suitable object to clear it.

Will FLOE’s ramp/salt shield fit on another brand of trailer?

FLOE’s ramp/shields are custom engineered for FLOE 100” wide trailers.  The trailer V front has a 26.6 degree angle which is different than most brands of trailers.  If the trailer has a 26.6 degree V, it may fit.

What is the weight capacity of the 100” aluminum ramp?

This ramp holds equipment up to a 1500 lb. capacity.  If you add the bi-fold ramp, it does not add more capacity.

Why won't my trailer stay tilted?

Ensure the tilt bolt nut holding the tongue on the trailer torqued to 80 foot pounds.  If this is loose, it may cause the trailer from staying up.

How do I find the serial number/VIN on my trailer?

The VIN is located on the axle beam near the front on the driver’s side.

How do I clean trailer sides?

Use a mild detergent and water using a soft cloth.  Be careful with high pressure washers as you may damage the decals on the side of the trailer.


Why do my lights blink on and off?

You may have corrosion on the wire connections on the trailer or tow vehicle.  Check all connections and clean or apply electrical grease to prevent future corrosion.  You may also have improper ground to tow vehicle.  Also check that the ends aren’t worn and not fitting together properly.

Why do I blow fuses when I connect or use my trailer lights?

You may have the wrong amperage fuse or a wire may be cut or bare and is shorting out.  See trouble shooting section in owner’s manual.


What’s the brand and size of tires?

FLOE’s tire supplier may change throughout the years.  The brand name is always listed on the side of the tire as well as the size.  Refer to the trailer spec chart in the owner’s manual or FLOE’s website to determine standard tires by trailer size.

Why are new tires are rubbing on trailer?

Trailer may need spacer blocks to raise trailer up higher and provide proper clearance for tires.   This can happen when 13” tires are put on 10’ trailers.

Can I replace my tires with larger ones?

Yes, if you maintain a minimum of 3 inches of clearance between your tire and the trailer frame or bed.  There is 3” of travel in the torsion suspension so you will need this much clearance.  Generally you can upgrade tires one size without having to add spacer blocks but always check for clearance.

Why are my tires wearing unevenly?

You may have unequal side-to-side loading, the axle might not be aligned, tires may not be inflated to proper PSI or the wheel bearings may not be properly tightened and oiled/greased.  You could also possibly have a bent spindle or trailing arm which will need to be replaced.  See trouble shooting section in owner’s manual.

What lug nuts are used on trailers?

½-20 lug nuts on standard Versa Max Trailers.  Mag tires use acorn 60 degree cone lug nuts.

Do I need to get my tires balanced?

Tire manufacturer’s state that SP (Specialty Trailer Tires) does not need to be balanced.  All FLOE trailers have SP tires.


How do you get the cap off a turbo-lube hub?

If you have a top or front access hole, simply pull off the rubber cap to access the fill hole. The cap is threaded.  Older Turbo Lube hubs have a set screw in the top of cap.  Use an Allen Wrench to remove.

How can I tell what size brakes are on trailer?

FLOE trailers made from 2004 to current have 10” brakes.  Trailers prior to 2004 had 7” brakes.

What type of grease should I use in my hubs?

Use a high-quality high-temperature lithium complex wheel bearing grease such as Exxon Ronex MP or an equivalent. Never use grease heavier than 265 A.S.T.M. penetration (No. 2 grade).

Can I purchase the old axle slide mounts?

FLOE no longer carries these slide mounts.  You would need to purchase the weld-on versions on current trailers along with the axle mounting kit and have the new mounts welded to your trailer by a certified aluminum welder.


How can my enclosure be re-skinned?

FLOE can re-skin your enclosure for you.  Ask dealers for pricing.  If enclosure has severe damage, it may be less expensive to purchase a new enclosure than repair.

Do gull wing enclosures fit on other brands of trailers?

FLOE enclosures only fit on FLOE trailers.  The enclosure attaches to the trailer side panel.  Other enclosures may fit on FLOE trailers but FLOE doesn’t have information on other brands.  Sno Cap Vinyl enclosures manufactured in Cokato MN will fit on FLOE trailers.

What is the opening height of gull wing enclosures?

54” high.


What are the overall length, width and weight of trailers?

This will depend on the model and accessories.  8’ tilt trailers are 12’, 10’ tilts 14’, 12’ tilts 16’, 12’ ramps 18’, 14’ ramp 20’, 16’ ramp 22’, 22’ ramp 28’, 28’ ramp 34’.  All Terrain pro trailers are 54” wide and all other FLOE flatbed trailers are 102” wide.  See spec chart in owner’s manual for weights of each size of trailer.  Accessories add to the weight of the trailer. All specs are available in FLOE’s brochure, website and owner’s manuals.

How much weight can each trailer hold?

Refer to the spec chart listed in owner’s manuals, brochures and on FLOE’s website.  Specs will change if not using a standard axle and/or tires.  Also, an enclosure and other accessories reduce the cargo capacity on a trailer.

What is the recommended hitch height on trailers?

Most 14’ and longer trailers will be level at 20 – 21”.  It is important the trailer is level to the ground when towing.  Actual heights may vary depending on the vehicle and the type of hitch.

Can you upgrade a 10’ trailer with a 3,000 lb axle?

No.  You cannot increase the load weight on the 10’ trailer by upgrading the axle & upgrading the tires.  The specifications for the tongue & chain on a 10’ trailer do not meet the requirements that of a 12’  & up trailer.

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