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Because the characteristics of one shoreline to the next can have so much variance, a “one size fits all” approach to docks just doesn’t cut it. That’s why FLOE has developed three styles of modular aluminum docks to easily meet your shoreline needs. Never worry about replacing a boat dock again!  FLOE modular docks are built to last. Engineered for stability and safety, FLOE sets the industry standard.

FLOE Roll-In, Sectional and Floating Docks

Explore the lake dock options and styles offered through the roll-in, sectional and floating aluminum dock designs below to find the perfect fit for your shoreline.
Each design can also be further enhanced with a wide variety of dock accessories you can browse through below.


FLOE roll-in docks are ideal for:

Medium to hard bottoms (Less than 1′ of mud)
Mild to moderate slope (Less than 9’ at dock end)
Spacious shore area


Sectional docks work well in areas with:

Minimal storage space
Hilly terrain
Works well even in muddy bottoms and depths up to 6.5’


FLoating docks work great when you have:

Frequent water depth fluctuation
Soft or muddy lake bottom

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Posted by Cindy Gray | 03/15/19| Lifts
Free Standing Canopies

Don't want a boat lift but still want to shield your boat from the elements?  FLOE's new Free Standing Canopy is the perfect thing.  Includes FLOE's Easy Leveling System so you can effortlessly level the  canopy without getting in the water.  Must anchor to lake bottom when installing.

Posted by Cindy Gray | 03/15/19| Lifts, Uncategorized
FLOE’s New V1600 PWC Boat Lift

This new vertical boat lift is great for today's PWC's giving you 56" of bed travel.  The optional canopy ensures your toys will be high and dry.  Always anchor PWC lifts to the lake bottom when installing a canopy.

Canopies for Vertical Lifts
Posted by Cindy Gray | 06/15/18| Corporate News, Lifts
Maxis Canopy System

FLOE's exclusive Maxis Boat Lift Canopy System is perfect for today's tow boats with towers.  No need to fold down that tower when entering the lift.  Simply push the button and the canopy raises leaving plenty of clearance for your tower.  Once you're in the lift, push the button to lower the lift and raise...

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