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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when designing a dock system?

Dock sections can be easily attached to go straight out into the water, or create sun decks, “L” shapes and boat slips.

  • What Basic activities will the dock be used for -- parking boats, swimming, fishing, relaxing, etc. ?
  • How many inches of water depth do you have, or will you need, at the end of your dock in order for it to function as you would like? If over 96” you may want to consider a FLOE floating dock system for added stability.
  • How many feet from shore will it take to reach your desired depth? This will help determine the overall dock length required.
  • How many boats will you park at your dock? How many visitor boats on average? This will help determine how many slips or lifts are needed.
  • How many lifts will your design need to accommodate? This will help determine how many slips yo include in your design.
Do you have frequent or major water depth fluctuations?

A floating dock is always self-leveling with the water level.

Do you have water depths that exceed 8 feet?

Free-standing docks can get unstable in deeper water, while a floating system maintains its stability.

Do you have an unusually soft lake bottom or more than 1' of mud?

Free-standing docks can need constant adjusting and leveling due to settling. If more than 1' of mud is present, you will face added challenges installing, leveling and removing a roll-in or stationary dock system. A floating dock system may be a better alternative.

Is your lake bottom hard sand or gravel without large boulders?

A roll-in or stationary dock works best in applications where minimal settling occurs.

Do you have water depths of less than 8 feet?

Every FLOE dock section has double braced anti-sway wheel kits that keep your dock more stable and can be used in deeper water than other roll-in docks, and they can be leveled with a cordless drill while standing on the dock.

Floating Docks:

A hinge connector is used for each dock section connection point, except shore-end ramps. If you are combining two different widths, the size of hinge connector will correspond to the smaller width. Example: If you are connecting a 4’ wide dock to a 6’ wide dock, you will need a 4’ hinge connector kit for that connection. Your FLOE dealer can assist you with this.

Roll-in & Stationary Docks:

Quick Connects enable FLOE roll-in docks to be modular and configured any way you want them. They have two positions - one is for removal/installation and the other for when the dock is in posotion for use. The removal/installation position allows the sections to flex stress-free without binding while going over uneven terrain. The locking position is used once the dock is installed so the sections fit and lock tightly together.

A Shore end ramp will give you more dock length for your money. A Shore end ramp also gives you a smooth, no-step approach to your dock. Ramps are avalibale in 6’ and 12’ lengths. Ramp decking choices are aluminum or cedar.

Sundecks are a very important part of most docks. They give you a spacious area, typically at the end of a dock, so that you can better enjoy your lakeshore and related activities. Sundecks can be used at the end of a straight section, or along the side of a straight section.

They are available in many sizes including 4x8', 8x8', 8x12', and 8x16'. Or you can use two 4x16' sections placed side by side create an 8x16' sundeck. You could also use two 4x12' sections placed side by side to create an 8x12' sundeck. This offers an alternative to the installation of a larger one-piece 8x16' or 8x12'sundeck.

Wedges create the perfect corner and add beauty to your dock system. FLOE's quick attach system allows you to easily mount wedges in any corner of your dock system. Wedges are available in 2', 4' and 6' widths.

Vertical bumpers are recommended every 4 to 8 feet where boats will be parked, as well as on each side of exposed corners.

Support Posts or shore-end wheel kits are recommended if you are using a shore­end ramp or want to support the shore end of your first dock section.

Other accessories available to compliment your dock system include dock steps, composite bench, bench arm rests, swim ladder, hammock stand, handrails and dock cleats. Please visit Dock Accessories on our website for more information.

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Grey Aluminum

Maintenance-free aluminum decking has a long-lasting, based on, anti-skid surface. The light-grey hue and open, ribbed underside allows air to move freely and cool the dock surface. The aluminum also assists in keeping the dock cool by conducting and transferring the water temperature to the deck.


Cutting edge paint application technology has allowed us to create a maintenance-free aluminum decking with the look of real wood. This patented powder coating process combines the aesthetics of real wood with all of the great features of our standard aluminum decking.


For medium to hard bottoms, mild to moderate slop and spacious shore area


Works well in areas with minimal storage space and hilly terrain.


Designed for lakes with frequent water depth fluctuation and soft or muddy lake bottoms.

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