The utility trailer that’s virtually indestructible

CargoMax™ is the sport utility trailer that is redefining an industry! The industry’s only Ultra Body™ and fender system that is guaranteed to never rust, rot or need paint – ever!

The uni-body design includes virtually indestructible side walls which remain durable even in sub-zero temperatures. FLOE’s exclusive floor trussing system delivers maximum strength, excellent water drainage, and superior cleaning ability.

We needed a small utility trailer. We stopped at a dealership to look at a different brand of aluminum trailers. Our salesman told us the CargoMax was exactly what we wanted. Small, light, easy to move, and extremely durable. I had some doubts about the molded polymer bed.

The salesman told me to watch the videos on FLOE’s website. I watched the videos and I was convinced this is what we wanted. We bought the trailer the next day.

It is fantastic. Very light. much lighter than our previous trailer. While I am not exactly looking forward to raking leaves this fall, I know this will be a great trailer to haul them to to the compost site. We may not need the tilt feature to unload the trailer, but I’m sure going to try it. I am glad we got this trailer when we did. Once people realize how fantastic they are, they may not be able to make enough to keep up with the demand. (Nick Overby)

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The Utility Trailer That Changed The Industry


You demanded the best. We gave it to you. The CargoMax™ XRT’s rugged technology combines strength, functionality and style. There’s simply no competition.

Lee & Tiffany from The Crush have chosen FLOE as their trailer of choice. 

They use CargoMax™ trailers to haul their UTVs and get things done around the farm.

CargoMax™ Videos

Three Unique Loading and Unloading Options

LEVEL RAMP MODE: For ATV’s and other high clearance loads.
LIMITED TILT MODE: For low clearance vehicles, such as lawn mowers and motorcycles.
FULL TILT DUMP MODE: For dirt, mulch, gravel and other loose material.

Advanced design combines an aluminum frame with a highly impact-resistant polymer Ultra Body™.

Underside of the CargoMax Trailer

Rigid Aluminum Frame

High strength-to-weight ratio extruded aluminum frame never rusts or needs paint. Lightweight enough to be towed by a compact car and allowing it to be easily moved by hand, yet rigid enough to handle heavy loads. All joints fully welded ensuring extreme rigidity and durability.

Running Gear

Heavy-duty galvanized rust-resistant axles & wheels. Independent rubber torsion suspension tames the worst roads and handles heavy loads. Superior hub lubrication system lets you easily grease hubs without disassembly. Large speed rated wheels will stay cool over long distances.

CargoMax™ Models

FLOE offers the CargoMax Trailer in a variety of sizes to accommodate virtually any load.  Click on each model number below for more details.


Trouble-Free LED Lighting System
LED Lighting on CargoMax Trailer

• Extremely bright and long lasting commercial grade LED lights. Lights are recessed into aluminum frame, which prevents accidental breakage.

• Each light is independently grounded to the tow vehicle eliminating intermittent grounding issues.

• Molded wiring harness runs through the aluminum frame creating the ultimate protection for the electrical system.

CargoMax tongue grab handle.

Tongue Grab Handle

Helps to ease trailer movement to and from a vehicle.  The handle makes moving the aluminum utility trailer around very easy. Empty tongue weight is only 33 lbs.

Patented Fast-Action Tilt Clamp

Pulls the tongue tight and eliminates noise and vibration. Eliminates hitch pin and hole alignment issues creating a better all-around system.

CargoMax Trailers Tilt Clamp.
CargoMax Tie Downs

Cargo D-Ring Tie Downs

The foldaway D-Ring anchors are strategically placed for maximum payload and security. The 8-57 anchors are rated up to 500 lbs each while the 9.5-73, 11-73 and 13-73 anchors are rated up to 1,667 lbs each.

Level Ramp Mode



Rear Aluminum Tailgate Ramp 
The CargoMax™ tailgate ramp system features two loading angles.  “Level Ramp Mode” is for higher clearance vehicles such as ATVs, and “Limited Tilt Mode”  for low clearance vehicles like motorcycles and lawn mowers.
*See the basic operations video below for full details.

Limited Tilt Mode




Swivel Tongue Jack
CargoMax Pivot Tongue Jack being used to move trailer by hand.

Allows for easier trailer movement by hand. Can be pivoted up for travel and bolts easily through pre-drilled holes in tongue.

Side Step

Two side-steps on each side are standard on 9.5-73, 11-73, and 13-73 models. Three side-steps on tandem versions.


Gate Keeper

• For holding in bulk items, such as mulch or dirt.

• 2-piece system fits between bottom two rungs of gate.

• Add-on pieces available to enclose all rungs.

Floe International Cargo Max Gate Keeper Tailgate Kit

Mag Wheels

Aluminum mag wheels are standard on all 9.5-73, 11-73, and 13-73 models and they are available as an upgrade on the 8-57 model.

CargoMac Mag Wheel option.
Optional spare tire carrier for CargoMax trailer.

Spare Tire Carrier

Keep your CargoMax™ on the road in the event of the unexpected.

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