What is the weight and size of the CargoMax trailer?

What is the maximum load capacity?

What type of grease should be used in the wheel bearings?

Use a high-quality high-temperature lithium complex wheel bearing grease such as Exxon Ronex MP or an equivalent. Never use grease heavier than 265 A.S.T.M. penetration (No. 2 grade).

How do I grease the axle and bearing?

Click here for “how to” video.

Refer to owner’s manual. First, remove the rubber plug from the grease (hub) cap. Next, use a standard grease gun on the grease fitting located at the end of the spindle, or behind the hub, making sure the grease gun nozzle is engaged on the fitting tightly. Now, pump grease into the fitting, while slowly turning the wheel. Grease will flow out of the hub around the spindle. When the grease appears to be the new clean grease, remove the grease gun and wipe off any excess grease. Finally, replace the rubber plug in the cap.

What are the specifications of the CargoMax trailer?

Broken Uprights on older style CargoMax - How do I repair?

Please visit local dealer for repair.  New uprights are available to be welded onto existing frame.

Haw many unassembled 8’ CargoMax trailers will fit into a semi trailer?

Depending on size of semi -trailer but approx 50 units in a 50′ trailer.

What is the cause of the tires wobbling?

New tires. It’s possible that the new tires are out of round. Once they are inflated to the proper PSI and used for a short period of time on a loaded trailer, they should work themselves round. New tires that are still out of round after an ample break in period may be defective and need to be replaced. Call your local FLOE dealer for replacement.

Wiring Issues?

See owner’s manual under troubleshooting.

What replacement tires should I use?

8-57 model: 5.30 x 12″ C is the standard and suggested tire.

All other CargoMax models: 205-75R14 is the standard and suggested tire.

Is there a cover available?

Yes, but only for the 8-57 model at this time. Click here to head over to the Cargo Max page. 

What is the height of the coupler off the ground on CargoMax Trailers?

16” to the top of the receiver or 19” to the top of the ball.

Can larger tires be installed on CargoMax trailers?

No. Due the fender and bed clearance, larger tires cannot be installed.

Are wheel chocks available for CargoMax trailers?

FLOE does not manufacture one, but there may be aftermarket wheel chocks that can be installed.

Can the CargoMax trailer be stored on its end?

Storing the trailer on its end is not suggested as damage may occur.

What is the ramp capacity of the CargoMax trailer?

Depending on how the load is distributed, approx. 1100 pounds on the 8-57 and 1500 pounds on larger CargoMax trailers.

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