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FLOE boat lifts are the fastest to install and easiest to use


FLOE’s patented Easy-Level Leg System allows you to effortlessly adjust the height and level your boat lift with a cordless drill. Easy-Level Legs in combination with boat lift wheel kits make installation and removal a breeze.

With a push of a button you can raise and lower your boat lift. The extra deep, snug fitting canopy maximizes boat protection and its Quick-Clip™ attachment system is faster and easier to install than all others.

FLOE offers a complete line of vertical boat lifts and pivot PWC lifts to accommodate every recreational watercraft. Engineered with the finest custom extruded aluminum frame components, stainless steel cables and heavy-duty aluminum pulleys, these boat lifts are corrosion-resistant and manufactured to last. All FLOE boat hoist systems are backed by a 15-year limited warranty.


From PWC to Cruisers


For small boats and PWCs up to 1600 lb capacity


Explore canopy options for boats of all sizes.

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Canopies for Vertical Lifts
Posted by Cindy Gray | 06/15/18| Corporate News, Lifts
Maxis Canopy System

FLOE's exclusive Maxis Boat Lift Canopy System is perfect for today's tow boats with towers.  No need to fold down that tower when entering the lift.  Simply push the button and the canopy raises leaving plenty of clearance for your tower.  Once you're in the lift, push the button to lower the lift and raise...

Posted by Cindy Gray | 06/06/18| Docks, Docks and Lifts, Uncategorized
New Lake Accessory Racks

With the popularity of paddle boards on the lake today, FLOE has introduced 3 new lake accessory products that connect to your FLOE boat dock.  The single Lake Accessory Rack holds one kayak or paddle board and the 2-tier rack holds two accessories with options to add additional bars.  Also introduced is a lake accessory...

Posted by Fl0e@dmin2017 | 04/10/17| Docks, Docks and Lifts
Is it time for a new dock?

FLOE makes it easy to design the dock of your dreams.  Use FLOE's 'Design A Dock" Tool to create the perfect dock for your shoreline. Your local dealer will be happy to assist you with pricing, delivery, assembly and will even install it for you. To locate your dealer, click on "Find a Dealer" at...

FLOE Products are sold through a professional dealer network across the US and Canada. To find your local dealer, click on 'Find a Dealer' at the top of this page.