If you are looking for a ramp trailer, the Versa-Max™ is the perfect solution. Versa Max trailers allow you to quickly load up your stuff and get to where you want to be – hassle-free! 

Versa-Max™ Ramp Trailers

If you are looking for a ramp trailer, the Versa-Max™ is the perfect solution. Versa Max trailers allow you to quickly load up your stuff and get to where you want to be – hassle-free! 

Versa-Max™ Ramp Trailers

FLOE’s Versa-Max™ Ramp Trailers can take whatever you dish out. These 102” wide trailers have user-friendly features to simplify your hauling. Comes standard with:

• Versa-Track™ – the infinite tie-down system
• Custom aluminum extrusions adding structural integrity to the frame
Reinforced tongue, fully molded wiring and Vortex hubs
Commercial grade LED lights
Electric brakes available on all models
Galvanized, independent rubber torsion axle system
Vortex hub system – no maintenance for 6 years
Limited 10 year warranty
Hauling one sled, six sleds or any type of load, there is a Versa-Max™ ramp trailer for you

     Available in 12′, 16′, 22′ and 28’ lengths.

Stowing ramps on a VersaMax trailer.
Extra-Wide 52″ Ramp with Plywood Deck
The 52” extra-wide ramp is constructed out of 3/8” pressure treated plywood that’s framed with aluminum to provide maximum strength, durability and safety. The raised aluminum edges keep both wheeled and tracked vehicles centered.

When it’s time to hit the road, the ramp is smartly stowed under the trailer with a Slide-N-Glide system. A built-in ramp handle makes for easy handling and a speed crank secures the ramp tightly and prevents rattling.

Lowering front ramp on VersMax™ trailer.
Drive Off V-Front Ramps
The FLOE Ramp/Salt Shield makes it the easiest drive-on/drive-off trailer available. The longer tongue on a Versa-Max™ Ramp trailer allows enough space between your trailer and the tow vehicle to lower both sides of the ramp/shield combo at the same time without jackknifing the trailer.

Crank for tightening stowed ramps.
Speed Crank

After stowing your trailer ramps, the crank holds everything tight to eliminate rattling.

Ramp clips for VersaMax trailer.
Safety Ramp Hooks

Built-in safety hooks keep the ramp secure while loading and unloading. Ramp hooks located on front and back of trailer for convenience of driving-on/driving-off your cargo.

Features for All Versa-Max™ Trailers


Many manufacturers have tried to copy FLOE’s patented Versa-Track™ system but their products are merely imitations. Versa-Track™ is simply the easiest to use tie-down system available today. A few of the benefits you’ll receive from this unique system are:

  • True infinite tie-down options – attach the Versa-Track™ tie-down accessories anywhere along the track
  • Quickly and easily balance loads for optimum towing
  • Quickly tie down equipment
  • Use any combination of the Versa-Track™ accessories for maximum versatility
  • Added structural integrity as the Versa-Track™ is a part of the trailer structure
  • As an integral part of the deck, it provides a channel system for the plywood decking to slide into and protects the edge of the wood from the elements
Tightening the VersaTrack system.
VersaTrack Locking System


Insert the Versa-Lock™ in the Versa-Track™ and push the lever down. Stays on your tie-down bar so it won’t get lost in the snow. Can be locked with a padlock.

Galvanized Axle & Rubber Torsion System

Provides a smoother ride as compared to a spring axle. Galvanized axle keeps rust & corrosion at bay.


FLOE’s patented rear bumper is an all-in-one solution for protecting the plywood decking from edge damage common to any wood decked trailer without protection. It allows your decking to last longer and look better without splints and nicks and minimizes damage from loading and unloading. The removable rear bumper slides into place after the decking is mounted to the trailer and caps off the back edge of the plywood for a cleaner look.


All Versa-Max™ trailers are equipped with LED lights.  This commercial grade lighting package is grounded directly through the molded wiring harness to the tow vehicle.  They are completely protected and concealed within the trailer frame providing years of trouble free lighting. LED bulbs are brighter, create less heat and last longer.  The lexan front clearance lights are stronger and can take a beating on the road.  Plug holder on tongue keeps plug dry and corrosion free when not in use.

LED lights on the VersMax trailer.
Custom extruded aluminum tongue.


The patented super strong aluminum reinforced tongue is exceptionally strong and won’t bend or twist under load offering the security and dependability to get your stuff to your destination safely.


Strong Rectangular Frame
Versa-Max™ trailers are constructed with tubular extrusions adding rigidity and strength without the weight. These tubes eliminate the twisting and flexing issues found on “I” beam and “C” channel designs.  FLOE’s frame will lead to longer-lasting welds and ultimately a longer-lasting trailer. 

Three factors make up 95% of a trailer’s structural Integrity:  1)  Main Frame Beams 2)  Cross Member Strength and 3) Tongue Mounting System. 

Main Frame Beams
FLOE’s custom structural beams are the heart of the trailer’s structural integrity. Each beam is designed with the understanding that most of the weight of the trailer load runs through these beams. They are completely welded to the cross members and are capped to keep out road debris.

Cross Members
FLOE’s cross members are welded on all four sides adding strength to the trailer structure and increasing corner-to-corner rigidity.  Weak cross members will allow the entire trailer to twist under the weight of a rated load allowing corner-to-corner flex causing welds to break, compromising the integrity of the trailer.

Custom Extruded Tongue
The patented aluminum reinforced tongue is exceptionally strong and won’t bend or twist under load offering the security and dependability to get your stuff to your destination safely.

7″ Tall Side Panel
The 7″ tall side panel extrusions are one of the multi-purpose components on a FLOE trailer and tie the trailer cross members together.  A channel on the side panel holds the decking in place and works as a great tie down point.

Heavy Duty VersaMax Frame


Tiedown Bar Trailer AccessoryTie-Down Bars
Whatever your sled combination, FLOE’s extra heavy aluminum tie-down bars will have you on the road with a perfectly balanced load in no time. Simply insert the tie-down bar into the Versa-Track and push the lever action clamp down. Equipped with ski-protective boots, the tie-downs won’t scratch your sled and are secured with the cast aluminum Versa-Lock™ system.

Optional Standard Flush Tie-Down or folding oversize D-Ring styles are available. They can be placed anywhere along your Versa-Track™ for excellent versatility.

Folding Trailer RampFolding Trailer Ramp
This low profile design ramp offers the loading benefits of a long ramp and the stylish looks of a shorter, more aerodynamic ramp. The ramp was designed and tested to stand up to the weight of the heaviest ATVs and UTVs. All components are made from engineered custom extrusions and joints are welded on all sides for added strength and durability. The ramp has corrosion resistant stainless steel and aluminum hardware. FLOE’s 60″ bi-fold ramp is a great addition to any Versa-Max RT trailer.

Ramp Salt Shield Combo Trailer Accessory   FLOE Open Bed Trailers

Ramp/Salt Shield
FLOE’s extruded aluminum Ramp/Salt Shield is for those of you that demand the ultimate solution for protection and convenience. Fully engineered to eliminate a center gap and to keep road grime off your sleds, the ramp/salt combo is constructed with a diamond plate front and an impact-resistant plastic sheeting for drive-off surface.  This upgrade can be added to any Versa-Max™ V-front ramp trailers.

Tongue Jack for VersaMax trailers.Tongue Jack
The tongue jack comes standard on all trailers. It bolts directly to the pre-drilled tongue and eliminates clumsy brackets found on other trailer brands.

**Minimum tongue weight is required to reach rated cargo loads listed. Minimum tongue weight is the empty trailer.
Loaded tongue weight should never be less than the empty trailer tongue weight.

***The “cargo load” of your trailer will be reduced by the weight of the enclosure.

TRAILER LOAD CAPACITY: Each trailer model has a maximum load capacity.
It is important that this capacity is not exceeded.

Never exceed trailers max GVWR and tongue weight capacity.
Trailers cargo load capacity is reduced by the weight of additional options such as ramps, gates, side kits or enclosures.

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