Roll-In Docks

Dock Structure


The Bridge-Type Truss design of FLOE’s Roll-In docks provide the highest strength-to-weight ratio available. A clean, sharp appearance is achieved by welding the webbing to the inside of the dock. Waves flow through this open design rather than pound against it.

Easy-Level™ Leveling System

Floe’s rust-resistant, flush mounted Easy-Level™ System allows top side leveling of the lake dock without ever entering the water! All that’s needed is a cordless drill or FLOE’s leveling tool. For a clean, smooth appearance, the adjustment hole is neatly topped off with a flat plastic cap.

Quick-Connects™and Easy-Level™
Wheel Kits Make Life a Breeze

FLOE’S Quick-Connects™ and Easy-Level™ Wheel Kits let you effortlessly connect sections and create endless dock configurations! Because there is no hard bolting, dock sections can be simply moved or added-on to enabling you to adjust to ever-changing needs.

Double Braced Easy-Level™ Support Legs

Enjoying lake life is so much simpler and more enjoyable with a safe and solid dock surface. FLOE’s Double Braced Easy-Level™ support legs eliminate unsafe dock sway and provide unrivaled stability. Walking on a FLOE lake dock feels like taking a stroll on a permanently built pier.

FLOE’s Double Braced Easy-Level™ Wheel Kits are available in sizes that can safely accommodate water depths up to 8 1/2 feet.

Water & Mud Depth
With Wheels
Water & Mud Depth
With Sand Pads
Total Travel
Shallow13" - 30" 5" - 23"17"
Medium18" - 45"11" - 39"27"
Deep33" - 61"26" - 54"28"
Extra Deep48" - 91"41" - 84"43"
Extra Extra Deep70" - 108"63" - 101"38"

Wheel kit measurements are calculated with the top of the dock 17″ out of the water. If you plan to set the dock higher or lower, add/subtract that amount to/from the depth measurement.

Wheel and Sand Pad Choices


Choose from Wheels or Sand Pads on FLOE roll-In dock legs.  Wheels make it easy to seasonally install and remove docks.

A drilled wheel works best in firm to moderately soft applications. The drilled wheel fills with water for ballast. An airtight wheel can be used in dense mud applications where the anticipated settling will be greater than 4”. The mud wheel is not drilled and adds buoyancy to ease both installation and removal of your roll-in dock.  

Imagine installing or removing a dock with just one person! Each section of the FLOE dock is equipped with high density polymer wheels so you lift less than half the weight of just one section no matter the length of the dock! Let the good times roll!

Sand pads are used for installations where you leave your dock in year round or where portability is not a concern.

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FLOE roll-in dock sections are built to last. Custom extruded aluminum and innovative engineering go hand-in-hand to provide our customers with benefits that are unmatched in the industry. 

Roll-in modular dock sections are available in 8′, 10′, 12′ and 16′ lengths and 2′, 4′ and 6′ widths. FLOE’s maintenance-free aluminum dock systems are manufactured to provide you with a long lasting, trouble-free investment. It may just be the last lake dock you ever buy!


FLOE roll-in sundecks offer you a spacious way to enjoy your time on the water. Many sizes are available to make the perfect dock platform for entertaining family and friends.


Shore end ramp component for Roll-In docks.

The perfect approach to your dock, as well as the most cost effective way to add length. The shore-end dock ramp attaches using our exclusive dock hook. It pivots up and down to match any shoreline height and easily detaches for seasonal storage.


The shoreway ramp has a bridge truss structure to match your roll-in dock sections and can be used with or without wheel kits. With wheels, it can be independently adjusted and moved around like other sections.  Without wheels it stores compactly on top of a roll in dock section.  Shoreways also work well as ramps on floating dock systems.


Increases your deck space while making an attractive, safe corner. Wedges also make a great spot to attach a bench, ladder or furniture. Roll-in wedges come in 2′, 4′ and 6′ widths.


Add aluminum dock sections and components as your needs grow or your budget allows! FLOE has a variety of sizes to choose from to design your perfect roll-in dock system. The options are truly endless.  Use our Design A Dock tool to create your custom dock system.

Roll-In Dock sample sections and sun decks.
Roll-In Dock sample wedges and ramps.

Dock Sections/Sundecks
These roll-in sections can be used for going straight out as well as making “L” shapes, slips or sundecks.
Placing two 4′ x 12′ or 4′ x 16′ sections side by side gives you an excellent option for a double-wide sundeck
that are easier to handle than a large sundeck during installation and removal.

A 4′ x 8′ sundeck can be used on the side of a straight section to create an 8′ x 8′ sundeck.
An 8′ x 8′ section used on the side of a straight section creates an 8′ x 12′ sundeck.
8′ x 12′ and 8′ x 16′ sections can be used either at the end of a straight section
or off to the side to create a sundeck.

Make that perfect corner while adding safety and beauty to your system.

Shore End Ramps
Adjustable, pivoting shore-end ramps give you the ultimate approach and additional length for less money.

Truss Style Shoreway Ramps
Provides the flexibility of a shore end ramp with the look of a roll-in dock section.
Can be used with or without wheel kits.



FLOE’s innovative, modular design gives you versatility not available on any other dock. Easily disconnect dock sections for seasonal storage.

Storing a Roll-In dock.


FLOE’s Quick-Connect™ System allows dock sections to come apart quickly for off-season storage. They can be stored side-by-side (as shown above) or they can be nested for more compact storage.


Dock sections can easily be pulled out and stored while still connected for quick and easy installation next spring.

Storing a Roll-In dock.
Storing a Roll-In dock.


Large systems can be easily broken down into the modular parts and stored in a small area out of sight.


Aluminum dock decking.

Aluminum Dock Decking

FLOE’s most popular decking! Maintenance-free aluminum decking has a long-lasting, baked on, anti-skid surface. The light-grey hue and open, ribbed underside allows air to move freely and cool the dock surface. The aluminum also assists in keeping the deck cool by conducting and transferring the water temperature to the deck.

Aluma-Grain™ Dock Decking

Cutting edge paint application technology has allowed us to create a maintenance-free aluminum decking with the look of real wood. This patented powder coating process combines the aesthetics of real wood with all of the great features of our standard aluminum decking.

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