FLOE annouces bigger version of its utility trailer

FLOE annouces bigger version of its utility trailer

Loading a UTV into a CargoMax trailer.
Republished from the Aitkin Age Monday, September 19, 2016

The team from FLOE International Inc. in McGregor is announcing the introduction of three new models of the Floe CargoMax XRT 8-57 utility trailer. A FLOE spokesperson said, “The largest model is ideal for even a four-seat sport UTV. Wayne Floe’s vision of combining a strong lightweight aluminum frame with a molded tough polymer Ultra Body™ is changing the landscape of the trailer market.”

FLOE president, Don VanderMey, said, “In addition to extreme functionality, it was also a criteria for FLOE to deliver a trailer that has visual appeal more common to a sports car.” Vandermay also said he and the FLOE team tested the CargoMax over the past year and were “overwhelmed” by how people would walk across gas stations and other stores to come and check them out. “The sales success of our first model, along with feedback from FLOE dealers and consumer enthusiasm, told us to expand to four models as fast as we could and that’s what we did.”

FLOE has been a leader in aluminum recreational trailers for more than 30 years and is known to innovate and set new benchmarks, a team member said, adding, “To compliment our expertise in aluminum, we have invested in the world’s largest rotary thermoforming machine so we can form the Ultra Body™ of the Cargo Max line in-house with extreme efficiency.” 

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