Cargo Max Testimonial – Bill and Vicki Prock

Cargo Max Testimonial – Bill and Vicki Prock

“We just wanted to write to say “we love our Floe Cargo Max trailer”. We purchased our trailer one year ago and have used it uncounted times to haul our mowers, lumber, landscape rock, dirt, leaves and for any number of around the house projects. It has always served us well but we didn’t know, until recently, how much we appreciated its strength and durability.

On July 1st of this year Burnett County in Wisconsin was hit with straight line winds clocked at 108 mph. After the storm the Cargo Max sat under a mass of fallen trees. The trailer had been hit by three very large trees and it was clear that the front corner was crumpled under the pressure. We set the trailer to the side of the yard expecting to write it off and went on with our day. The next morning, to our surprise, we were amazed to see that the body had popped back into shape! We knew it was rugged and according to the literature would “never dent” but never expected this kind of recovery. Our Cargo Max works good as new and now is hard at work helping us with the rest of our clean up of the massive amounts of wood and deadfall resulting from the storm. We’re very happy with our purchase and appreciate the product we’ve purchased from your company.”

Bill and Vicki Prock, Danbury, WI

Trailer after the storm.


Trailer the next day.

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