Fully heated plastic sheet leaving oven.

Vacuum Forming Capabilities

Vacuum Forming Capabilities

Vacuum Forming Capabilities – What Sets FLOE Thermoforming Apart

Extremely large heavy gauge parts up to 25 feet long, 10 feet wide and 6 feet deep with starting material gauge of .600 inches.

Excellent quality performance utilizing FLOE’s internal PQP (Product Quality Performance) system ensuring quality standards are exceeded at every step of the lean manufacturing process.  

Consistency through FLOE’s 15 year lean-enterprise journey focusing on standardized repeatable processes and continuous improvement.

Competitive pricing is achieved through FLOE’s strong commitment to process efficiency, combined with our advanced machine technology, in order to maximize our value to you. FLOE understands the importance you have with achieving your targeted costs.

On time delivery is understood at FLOE as essential to your success. Our OEMs business depends on having the right parts, on time, every time. If it’s a Kanban program that works best, we can do that too.

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President, FLOE International
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