Thermoforming Plastics

Thermoforming Plastics
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Thermoforming Plastic
About Vacuum Pressure
& Heavy 
Gauge Forming

FLOE Thermoforming is FLOE International’s pressure and vacuum forming division. It provides unmatched large-sheet, heavy-gauge pressure and vacuum forming to OEMs, FLOE Thermoforming partners, and for FLOE’s own captive needs for thermoforming plastic. FLOE’s very experienced thermoforming team has many decades of thermoforming and plastics experience. Our 41,000-square-foot facility houses FLOE Thermoforming’s manufacturing center, just across the street from our corporate headquarters, engineering staff and business center. FLOE’s 32-year history and long-term commitment to Lean Enterprise and continuous improvement ensures you have a proven partner to help maximize your success. We welcome you to contact us and find out more about FLOE Thermoforming and what we can build for you.