Part Design

The starting point is a design. Thermoformed products usually start out as a CAD model or drawing, but can certainly be brought to FLOE Thermoforming “on a paper napkin”. The key for our combined success is that FLOE Thermoforming is brought into the OEM’s design loop as early as possible so that we can maximize the design for forming on FLOE’s vacuum forming systems. Both the part and the mold are best designed with FLOE Thermoforming machine specifications in mind. As a team, FLOE and our OEM partner will want to ensure that we maximize machine efficiency and the parts conformance to our OEM partner’s specification. FLOE Thermoforming utilizes SolidWorks as our CAD platform and can convert most CAD files into our highly integrated CAD environment. When OEMs come to us with a CAD file, our engineers work to refine their CAD model such that it will work well with our thermoforming systems and plastics manufacturing processes as discussed above.