Wood pattern (left) & Aluminum mass-production mold (right).


Mold Design & Creation

Mold design is one of the most important aspects of the vacuum forming process! The efficiency and adherence to an OEM’s part specifications will be determined primarily by how well the mold is designed along with the material used, both in relationship with the thermoforming machine used. FLOE Thermoforming has extensive in-house part and mold prototyping capabilities, with our integrated CAD and CNC systems. FLOE Thermoforming’s integrated CAD and CNC systems allow for rapid prototyping of parts as well as mold pattern and prototype mold building. Production aluminum molds are highly designed with proper heating and cooling plumbing, surfaces and overall form. A mold’s internal vacuum system is another critical component to the parts production efficiency and adherence to the part’s specifications. FLOE Thermoforming will want to be intimately involved in the mold design if not manage that process for our OEM partners. FLOE Thermoforming engages with multiple tooling manufacturers to ensure the best route for building our partner’s molds. FLOE Thermoforming’s OEM partners can ensure their part and mold designs are proven prior to production and the final production mold will efficiently and correctly build their parts.