History of FLOE Intl.

History of FLOE Intl.

It all started in 1983 when Wayne Floe, at the age of 19, designed his first boat lift. The company’s original name was United States Boat Hoist and Dock Company. This first lift was unlike any other on the market. It had a roller bunk bed on a twin winch vertical lift. This lift allowed you to literally drive the boat up and out of the water. Once out of the boat all you had to do was crank the rear winch up and out of the water. This first lift was used for over a decade and is still functional and now on display at FLOE.

Since that time, change has been a part of the winning formula. One thing that has remained the same is FLOE products are always designed and produced with innovation at the core. Some examples of this innovation include FLOE’s exclusive VSD boat lift drive train, Easy-Level legs on docks and boat lifts, highly impact resistant thermoformed Cargo Max trailer bodies, the alumagrain decking finish on our top selling dock systems, and the FLOE Craft Ace which transforms faster than the weather so boaters can enjoy the water more often and with a longer season. Most recently FLOE has installed the largest rotary vacuum thermoforming machine in the world, along with two additional thermoforming machines, for producing FLOE branded products as well as offering thermoforming capabilities to OEM partners.

Throughout the journey and going forward, FLOE always has and will stay true to delivering only innovative products and services that deliver exceptional value. All of us at FLOE appreciate your interest and welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and business.

The timeline link below highlights many of the milestones of the journey.

pdf Download FLOE Timeline

Thanks for your interest in FLOE’s history.