About FLOE Intl.

About FLOE Intl.

Company Vision

FLOE’s vision is to be a leader in the design, innovation and construction of high quality products and related accessories to serve the recreational industry.

To realize this vision, we believe our only business objective is to provide our customers with complete satisfaction. We will then be able to successfully meet our four basic commitments:

  • Team Members: We consider our Team Members to be our most important asset. Our progress and success will result directly from their success. We will maintain an open, cooperative, and supportive relationship to allow their full involvement in our business.
  • Customers: Only by meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs will we create a continuing demand for our products.
  • Community: It is our intent to maintain our reputation of being a good neighbor. We will focus our support on local and community activities where we are located.
  • Suppliers: Our suppliers are an extension of FLOE’s commitments to quality, construction and service to our customers. We have the same high expectations of them as we have of ourselves.

We are committed to a Lean Enterprise culture that understands, communicates, implements and sustains concepts that systematically identify and eliminate waste. Our success depends on fully involving all of our Team Members in our business.

We believe FLOE and our Team Members should be responsible citizens and uphold the highest business ethics. We maintain high goals to earn the respect, trust and friendship of our Team Members, customers, neighbors and suppliers.