What size canopy should I purchase for my lift? – The general rule is to add a minimum of 2’ to the total length of your boat.  If the motor extends off the back, include that in the length.

How can I tell what size canopy I have? – To determine the width, simply measure from outside the frame to outside the frame. FLOE offers canopies that are 8’, 9’ 10’, 10.5’ and 11.5’ wide.  To determine the length, count the spaces between the hoops which are 2’.  If you have 10 spaces, it’s a 20’ canopy.

How do i determine the proper height of a canopy? – Position canopy up as high as possible. Place boat in lift and raise the lift to the highest position. Next, lower the canopy so the highest point of boat is 1” below canopy. Adjust canopy before fabric is installed. See video on website “Proper Boat Lift Setup”

What is the canopy rail adjuster? – This adjuster extends and retracts the frame a few inches allowing the fabric to fit properly for a tailored fit.  The side rails and center rail all extend.


How do I clean a canopy fabric? – See instructions in owner’s manual- To thoroughly clean SDP fabric follow these simple steps: First, brush off loose dirt and hose down. Next, prepare a cleaning mixture of water and mild natural soap (no detergents). Now, use a soft bristle brush to clean. Allow soap to soak in and rinse thoroughly. Allow to air dry completely before storage.

Can the SDP fabric be waterproofed? – FLOE Canopies have a water resistant coating applied to them.  After a thorough cleaning you may want to re-apply a water resistant repellent.  Suggested product to use is 303 Products.

What is the weight of an SDP canopy fabric? – This will vary depending on size.  A 26’ canopy fabric weighs approximately 33 pounds

How do I protect the canopy and lift during a storm? – Never leave the fabric on the lift if there is no boat in place, especially during a storm.  In high wind areas, consider using mesh ends and/or auger posts secured to the lift.  If you are going away for extended period with your boat, always remove the fabric.


What is the purpose of a canopy extension? – Extensions are for wake tower boats, pontoons with bimini types of covers or any watercraft that that exceeds the average boat height. If the customer feels the sides of the boats are exposed when the craft is lifted to the maximum height the canopy extensions offers the customer an additional 18” of side coverage.

What size of uprights are included with a canopy extension kit? – Canopy extensions have 68” uprights.  Standard canopies have 38” uprights for smaller lifts and 44” uprights on larger lifts.

What may cause the fabric to come off a canopy extension kit? – If the aluminum is wet or was not cleaned properly prior to the application of the adhesive Velcro, the Velcro may not stick and the fabric may come off.