What does a limit switch do? – Limits the upward and downward travel on a lift.  DC winches only have an upper limit switch.  VSDs have both upper and lower.  A lift will not work if the limit switch is not connected.  In the tool kit on each lift, there is a limit switch bypass plug that plugs into the ASC.  There is a glass reed potted in a plastic house for greater protection as part of the limit switch.


How often should I replace the batteries? – Batteries can last quite a few years if taken care of.  In the off season, you can leave the batteries on the lift but they must be fully charged.  If leaving them in an unheated area it is a good idea to keep a trickle charge on them.  If you store batteries that are not charged in freezing conditions, your batteries can freeze and will need to be replaced.

Why won’t the motor come off the VSD lift? – The motor comes with anti-seize grease which is supposed to be applied to the coupler prior to installation.  If this is not used, it will be very difficult to remove the motor which may include prying the motor off, possibly damaging the motor or ball screw.

If the motor falls into the lake is it ruined? – dry motor out completely before testing if it works. 

Why does my battery keep dying? – If you left the battery outside over the winter and it wasn’t fully charged, the battery may have frozen and will no longer hold a charge.

Why does the lift go up and not down? – See diagnostic checklist in owner’s manual

What voltage is on the lights? Flood light is a 12 V light and works on both 12V and 24V lifts.  It draws less than 1 amp and has 120 LEDs in each bulb.  Automatic shut off after 15 minutes.

How many watts are each solar panel? – 5 watts per panel

How many amps does the wireless remote draw?  Less than 1/10th of an amp

How many volts should my battery have to properly run the lift? – Each battery should have between 12.7 and 13.8 volts.  Be sure battery connections are corrosion-free and tight.

How can I adjust or move my limit switch? – If your boat has a wakeboard tower or other high accessories that require the lift to not go up as high, you can move the limit switch down.  Be very careful when removing the tape so you don’t break the read inside the enclosure.


What is the easiest way to install and remove my boat lift? – See Boat lift set up and installation video.  If shallower water and level shore line, raise sand pads all the way up and wheel out.  In deeper water, use a Float N Roll.

What is the best way to store my lift? – Store on level ground away from any potential ice movement.  If leaving batteries on lift, be sure they are fully charged.  Wireless, motor and other accessories can stay on the lift over the winter.  If leaving your batteries on the lift, disconnect your wireless remote from the ASC as it has a continuous draw on the batteries.

The motor will not reach the screw drive? – Bolts were not placed through thrust bearing when assembling lift.

What’s the difference between pontoon cradle pads and pontoon full length bunks?   Cradle pads are short bunks that hold the pontoons.  Pontoon bunks are full length and lift the pontoon from the underside. Cradle pad pontoon bunks work in shallower water.

Which way does the cable go on a DC winch? – The winch drum must always rotate from the inside to the outside when raising the boat.  When wound correctly, the cable will go up the back of the winch, or the side closest to the corner post.

What is the max depth a lift will work in? – Approx.6.5’ without leg extensions and 8’ with leg extensions this may vary depending on the hull and wave conditions.  The optimum water depth for most lifts is 26” – 66”.


How do I know if I have too much weight on my lift? – To determine the size of lift to use for a boat, use FLOE’s boat lift selector on the website.  Also review information at the beginning of the owner’s manual.

Can I get longer legs for my lift? – There are extension legs for lifts which add 20” of height to smaller lifts and 13” on larger lifts

How can I replace the vinyl on the full length bunks?– Remove rivets.  Slide vinyl out, slide new vinyl in, replace rivets

How can I identify what model lift I have? – V-lift has V braces on both sides of lift  and 1 battery, VSD has the ball screw tube.  For exact size of lift, see sticker on corner post.  If no sticker, use a caliper in the adjustment hole of the corner post.  V2600 .090; V3600.124; V4600 .187; VSD 3800.125; VSD 5000 .188

What is the warranty on a new lift? – Limited warranty depending on the part.  See warranty for details.

What is the value of my boat lift? – FLOE lifts hold their value and are hard to find on used for sale listings.  Value depends on the shape of the lift and the age.  Dealers can give you a fair trade value.

Can I make my lift wider?    Not suggested- To make a lift wider you would need to change out the front/rear cradles and frame beams as well as the cables.

How often should I grease my boat lift? – Grease the lift legs and ball screw tube/thrust bearing on VSD lifts annually per the labels on the lift and owner’s manual

How much does my lift weigh? – Refer to specification chart in brochure and on website.

How do I adjust the height of my lift? – Refer to owner’s manual and see set up video on website. Use corded drill or wrench.  Do not use impact or hammer tools.  Boat must be off the lift when adjusting legs.