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Photo Gallery


“This is my 3rd time installing our FLOE dock and each time we have installed and removed my wife and I are more happy we went with FLOE. With our old sectional pier it took me and the three boy hours to install and remove. Now with the boys older and off with their own families it’s harder to get them up to help with projects; so we started to search for a pier system that my wife and I could manage and with FLOE we found just that. The sections are easy to maneuver by myself on shore to set up. Our neighbors have a different rollout which they have to pay $150 for install and removal and it is not as stable as ours.

I picked up your CD at the Milwaukee Sports show which showed how easy the pier system is but everything always looks so easy on the promo tapes; but in the Floe pier systems case it is that easy. This system is everything it’s promoted to be; easy to install, extremely stable, and the best looking pier on the lake.”

“I was convinced your equipment was good but was uncertain of the overall value considering the size of the investment. After talking with your Edmonton dealer, who spoke to me more as a fellow cottager than a customer, I began to relate to the benefits and decided to take the plunge. We took delivery and two friends and I assembled everything in one long day. It took about and hour to put it in the water for the first time. The adjustments were easy and we were very pleased with the outcome. The system worked exactly as your dealer said it would.

The true value came in the fall when we took the system out of the water. It took my wife and I about 20 minutes to get the lift out of the water and up to the cabin about 400 feet from the shore and another 45 minutes to get the dock system out. After we power washed the dock, we put all dock sections into our 26 x 26 garage for winter storage. This took less than 2 hours for everything and I almost did everything by myself. The value was proved up again when I was by myself in a fierce storm late at night and I easily loaded my boat onto the lift where it was completely safe.

We are very pleased with the Floe dock system and lift and with the service and support that we received from your Edmonton dealer, Western Boat Lift, Dock and Trailer.

We took about 30 pictures on a beautiful August night. Three of those pictures are featured on your website.


“I’ve had my system for 4 years now, and am looking forward to the next 40. We spend lots of time on the dock, which has become an important extention of our Cabin living area, right on the water.”