Take a leap forward with FLOE boat lifts

Vertical Boat Lift Models & Specs

Models & Specs

All FLOE Vertical Boat Lifts have durable, corrosion resistant components. Other maintenance free features include:

  • Custom engineered extruded aluminum structures.
  • Stainless steel and aluminum fasteners.
  • Stainless steel leveling cables.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum pulleys with machined stainless steel pins.
  • Bolt together design with modular components eliminates structural welds that can fatigue and crack over time.
  • Lock-nuts keep frame components tight.

Vertical boat lift models:

Vertical boat lifts are available with electric 12 V winches or a manual winch.

  •  V-2602– Without question, this is the finest double PWC boat lift on the market. It has more bed travel and incorporates all of our V-Lift technologies. It holds two PWCs at adjustable, staggered heights. Includes two pair of full-length bunks.
  • V-2000 – This boat lift is ideal for small to medium sized fishing boats, runabouts & jet boats.
  • V-3600, V-4600 – These boat lifts will handle a variety of fishing boats, runabouts, ski boats, jet boats & pontoons.


Vertical Screw Drive (VSD) lifts – Easier, Faster, Smarter!








Why a VSD lift is superior to all others:

  • It raises and lowers your boat in about one-half the time of most other powered boat lifts!
  • The super efficient 24-volt VSD will lift a 3500 lb. boat 177 times on a single battery charge.
  • Drive train is whisper quiet with no clicking winch gears or pining cables.
  • Low-maintenance gear head electric motor.
  • Industrial strength ball-screw is rated for 20,000 cycles at 10,000 lbs.
  • Environmentally friendly – no possibility of oil leaks common with hydraulic lifts.
  • Cable doesn’t wear like winch lifts.

All VSD lifts are available in a 120-volt AC or 24-volt DC version.

  • VSD-3800 – This boat lift is ideal for medium sized fishing boats, runabouts, ski boats, jet boats & small to medium sized pontoons.
  • VSD-5000 – This boat lift is ideal for medium to large fishing boats, jet boats, runabouts, ski boats, pontoons, small cruisers & deck boats.
  • VSD-5000 for Pontoons – Wider and longer lift is ideal for today’s larger pontoons.
  • VSD-6000 – This boat lift is for wider pontoon boats with its 131″ interior width.
  • VSD-6500 & VSD-8000 – These boat lifts are ideal for large wakeboard boats & speed boats, medium sport fishers and small to medium cruisers.
  • VSD-10000 – This boat lift offers the strength and size needed for the larger heavier crafts.