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Boat Lift Installation/Removal


Boat Lift Wheel Kits

Boat Lift Wheel Kits

  • Allows you to roll your lift in and out without heavy lifting
  • Airtight wheels provide about 60 pounds of flotation each to lighten the lift while moving it in the water
  • Can stay permanently mounted to lift

If you have straight in/straight out access for your lift, you can simply add two pair of wheels. Easy-Level™ and wheel kits – the ultimate combination! Lift installation is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Raise the boat lift leveling legs with your cordless drill or wrench
  2. Pull the lift into position with boat or by hand.
  3. Use your cordless drill to lower the Easy-Level™ leveling legs until the lift is level and the wheels are off the bottom.

Boat Lifts Float n roll

Float & Roll™ Boat Lift System

  • Works great if lift needs to be floated long distances, floated into a slip or installed in muddy situations
  • Allows you to install and level your lift without getting wet or straining a muscle
  • Incorporates a set of four wheels with a float allowing you to roll the lift into the water and float it into place
  • Insta-Float – Same as Float & Roll™ except without wheels. May be used in combination with boat lift wheel kits

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Lift Installation and Removal Cables

  • Stainless steel Y-cable is permanently attached to lift frame and is used to safely pull your lift to and from the lake
  • 25′ galvanized tow extension cable attaches to Y-cable